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  • Insulation to corrugated, IBR and boarded roofing

  • Lightweight floor screeds insulating against cold

  • Industrial and domestic insulation applications

  • A cushioning base for structural floors

  • Fire proofing of floors, walls and roofs

  • To prevent condensation on ceilings

  • A base for radiant heated floors

  • To raise existing floor levels

  • Oven & furnace insulation

No expansion joints required
1/5 normal weight on concrete reduces deadweight
Keeps buildings cool in summer and conserves heat in winter
Provides a permanent, non-warping base for all surface materials
Surfaces can easily be laid to falls (1:10) to prevent  ponding on flat roofs
Cost effective alternative to conventional block and beam roofing systems
Reduces structural movement (opening and closing of joints) in the roof due to solar heating                                                                        
Totally incombustible, providing extended access for emergency personnel across roof in the event of a fire

Mixing Instructions


Curing & Drying

Remember !

  • Pour measured volumes of vermiculite and cement into the mixer

  • Mix thoroughly

  • Add ¾ of required water and mix until uniform distribution has been achieved (about ½ minutes)

  • Check mix for water content.

  • At suitable consistency a handful of the mix when firmly gripped should release water, but not appear sloppy

  • If mix appears too dry, add remaining ¼ of water.

  • Mix thoroughly for a further 1½ - 2 minutes. When firmly gripped should just release water, but must not appear sloppy

  • Over-mixing should be avoided as this causes compaction of the open structure of the vermiculite increasing density and decreasing thermal insulation properties.

  • The vermiculite concrete should be spread and levelled off 110mm in excess of the final thickness required

  • Level with a screeding beam.

  • The concrete should then be consolidated to the desired depth (min 50mm) using a suitable tamping plate

  • For effective insulation, concrete layer should extend (10mm) above highest lip of corrugated metal sheeting

  • Final finishing and smoothing can be carried out with a trowel, if required

  • The vermiculite screed should be covered while still wet with a sand / cement topping, finished level and smooth to receive the weather proofing. Usually this is a bitumous based, torch-on product or some other suitable alternative.

  • It would be best to let the profetionals do the waterproofing installation


  • As lightweight concrete screed rely on the existence of open air filled voids top develop the required insulation characteristics the screed must be properly dried and cured (typically 7 – 10 days) before the weather proofing is applied.

  • Drying time will vary according to weather and site conditions

  • The usual precautions observed when laying normal concrete should be observed for vermiculite concrete i.e.: a thin plastic sheet well secured in place, will reduce shrinkage cracks forming in the screed during drying and hardening

  • Screed placed on wooden surfaces will need a plastic undersheet

  • Screed are porous and need a waterproofing membrane

  • Vermiculite screeds are soft and need suitable thickness sand/ cement topping to protect against mechanical or hail damage etc.

  • Do not overmix in mechanical mixer, as this results in excess compaction of the vermiculite aggregate.


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