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Terms and Conditions


The correct deposits need to be transferred with the relevant quotation reference number displayed as reference


A Progress payment of 25% will be requested from the client by SA Vermiculite (PTY) LTD either at 50% completion of the contract or full payment on sections that are completed by SA Vermiculite


The balance of the account to be paid in full on date of completion, the client will need to inspect the installation with the site supervisor and complete the sign off sheet, should there be no payment at completion, SA Vermiculite will not be able to assist in any warranty / insurance claims whatsoever


Clients are requested from time to time to clean out debris from outlet pipes, gutters, service drains etc.


Client will schedule a mutually convenient date for maintenance to be carried out by SA Vermiculite at clients cost


Should there be 3rd party contractor/s on site whilst work is carried out by SA Vermiculite and the 3rd party delays SA Vermiculite’s progress or may damage the installation quoted on, these costs will be charged to the clients account.


The client is to allow a notice board to be erected outside the property for 7 days after installation completion


The client acknowledges after securing the initial services of SA Vermiculite, should it be necessary, the client will allow SA Vermiculite to carryout routine inspections, maintenance, repairs and coatings of the waterproofing / vermiculite system necessary allowing the guarantee to be affective for the duration of the term


Client to supply of A/C power / municipal water during installation


Should a call back be requested by client and SA Vermiculite is not at fault, a call out fee will be payable by the client at the companies standard call out rate


All stock, tools and equipment at or on the clients site being either installed or placed at the premises will remain the property of SA Vermiculite until paid for in full


Should a progress payment not be made by the client as requested, SA Vermiculite will be entitled to stop any work in progress and the client cannot hold SA Vermiculite accountable for any delays in progress or penalties


Should there be any act of God, 3rd party interference, flooding or hail etc. SA Vermiculite cannot be held responsible for the costs in repairing or damages to the property or assets. The guarantee on the system will thereafter not be valid until the system is repaired and rectified by SA Vermiculite.


A service call will be charged to the clients discovering these reasons above

Acceptance Disclaimer: No claim whatsoever may be made against SA Vermiculite for the following


Delayed installation or repairs due to poor weather, water damage or stock shortages


Unstable structure movement compromising the waterproofing or damp proofing or Vermiculite system installed


Damage to undeclared or hidden cables, pipes or fittings whilst work is being carried out at the property


Should the client cancelled the installation, a cancellation fee will be levied to recover expenses encored


Water damage caused by exposing areas whilst and after work has been in progress


Acts of God, fire, theft of stock on site, flooding, flooding due to hail, during or post installation




Torch-on systems

-15 year (Roofing) WITH SERVICE PLAN

Torch-on systems  

-12 Year (Roofing) without service plan

Membrane systems  

-12 year (Parapet, flashings)

Torch-on systems

-5   year (Tanking)

Latex Polypropylene   

-2   year

Polyurethane systems

-1  Year (Latex systems- not be exposed for longer than 30 days)

EPDM Systems

-20 Years

Please note that the waterproofing systems described above will need to be maintained by SA Vermiculite for the duration of the Guarantee to be effective. Guarantees are only valid if the clients account has been paid in full.


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