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SA Vermiculite prides its self in being a registered company approved by the South African Vermiculite Association, That means we have been skilled and trained and are approved to install vermiculite screeds and lightweight concrete, we will issue a certificate upon every installation...

South African Vermiculite Assosiation

Q…..is it easy enough to install myself?

a—Vermiculite is not an easy product to work with, it is super light and will get blown off a construction site if it is windy. If you have not been on training through SAVASS and you are going to try it for the first time (if it is your own project, and it’s a small are 5m² all good, if it is for a client and it is a large area then you will spend a lot on school fees) rather let us do it for you.

Q…..will I save money by screeding myself?

a—for sure, you will be saving money, but, remember the school fees, and the V-Bond hardner ratio, and the water temp and if the falls are not correct, you cant just join another layer, you gonna have to start all over…

Q…..can I use a concrete mixer?

a—and the answer is nope…… a standard concrete mixer will make a real mess, try it and then you will have made lots of lightweight balls you can maybe use for candle making…

Q…..How long will it take to dry?

a—21 days for cement to cure, and then the rest of its life. Cement continues to harden through its life, but let it dry too quickly and it cracks

Q…..should I rather get the professionals in?

a— for sure, without years of onsite training and the knowhow, it becomes costly to redo anything in today’s times, a day’s loss of work to be redone?... means you could have actually earned money with what you do best. Call us in, it is what we do best....don't pay again for more material twice over…

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